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Technical Director | C++ Engine

September 2017 - April 2018


Daybreak is a 2D top-down action adventure game in which the player must collect light to fend off hostile swarms of dead stars and restore day in a world plagued by endless night.


As the technical director and co-producer, I led a team of six coders in building a custom C++ engine to be used by a team of 11. My contributions included:


- Building a modular Entity-Component-System (ECS) framework for a custom C++ engine.

- Creating engine systems, including full 2D physics, rapid-json serialization, and boid flocking AI.

- Incorporating in-engine tools, including system performance analytics.

- Coordinating with artists, designers, and musicians to create usable engine and editor features.

- Producing of all technical reports, guides and documentation for game production.



Technical Director | C++ Engine

December 2016 - April 2017


Forgotten is a 2D puzzle platformer about manipulating the direction of gravity to navigate through levels and discover your past.


As the technical director, I led a team of 5 coders in building a custom C engine and game. My contributions included:


- Creating core engine functionality including gamestates, level loading, and sprite animation.

- Implementing gameplay mechanics including player controller, shooting, and gravity flipping.

- Building a 2D physics engine to support a 2D platformer with gravity flipping.

- Integration of Tiled as a level editor and exporter.

- Creation and testing of 10+ platforming levels.


Treacherous Travels​

Lead Programmer | C++ Text Game

September 2016 - December 2016


Treacherous Travels is a fantasy text adventure about discovering and navigating a world filled with riddles and comedy.


As the lead programmer, I lead a team of 3 in creating a completely console run game in C. My contributions included:


- Building a text parser to process and interpret user given commands.

- Multiple engine systems including room management and navigation, inventory, and actions.

- Custom text file reader to create formatted and colored text.


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